Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are we allowed to smoke on the vehicle? If not, what do we do?

    You are not allowed to smoke on any of the vehicles that Columbus Limo Bus offers. We do, however, provide unlimited comfort stops for restroom use/smoking/whatever else you'd like to do. Just ask your driver to stop at the next safe location and he or she will be happy to assist you by doing so.

  • In the event that I need to cancel, with whom do I speak?

    If you've already called and booked transportation with us then you've already heard and agreed to our terms. It should be noted that we do not allow for cancellations for any reason or at any time. Without going into detail about it, essentially, when you order a limo bus, you're preventing us from selling it again which means you're responsible for it.

  • I need to go out of state, is this possible?

    There are a lot of factors involved, but the main thing to consider is how if your pickup and drop off location are the same. What we mean by that is if you get picked up in Columbus and you ride to U of M to see the Wolverines get smashed, if you come back to Columbus, then that's something we can provide for you. If, however, you needed to be picked up in Columbus and driven into Pennsylvania and dropped off, then there would be an additional fee charged for us to get back to our home base.

  • I need to pick some people up along the way, is that okay?

    Absolutely. When we say unlimited stops, we mean unlimited stops. The only time this may be an issue is when we're servicing school dances / minors. When we provide transportation for them, we have a pre-designated list of all people who are allowed on the vehicle and under no circumstances is anybody else allowed on. This keeps the driver from having unwanted guests and helps ensure your children's safety.

  • If a party bus is labeled as a "30 passenger" bus, I can squeeze a couple more friends on, right?

    Actually the answer to this question is no. It's a common question because it would save your guests money and also not segregate anyone from your function. However, it is unlawful for us to allow any more than the assigned number of people on our buses. The seating width is already small so we really pack them in already.

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